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Call for Bids for AASPN Congress in 2027! By Admin / 2023-06-09 PM 04:55 / Hit : 535

Call for Bids for AASPN Congress in 2027!


The Asian-Australasian Society of Pediatric Neurosurgery (AASPN) invites all AASPN society members to make a bid for the site of the AASPN Congress in 2027.


[Bids Process]

1.       Expressions of Interest

l  Any society or member wishes to host the AASPN Congress in 2027, please send “A Letter of Intentby August 31, 2023 to the AASPN Central Office at info@aaspn.org.

l  The letter should;

-        be provided electronically

-        include the name of hosting society or organization and congress chair with contact information

-        confirm and name a recommended venue

-        confirm first and second dates option availability


2.       Bid Proposals

l  The Central Office will contact the society or member who submitted the letter in the by middle of September, 2023.

l  Detailed bidding proposal guidelines will be given at that time.

l  Biding proposal should be submitted in the October 31, 2023.


3.       Selection

l  If necessary, the candidate will be asked to give a presentation (20 min.) during the AASPN 2023 Congress in Yokohama, Japan.

l  Following the presentations, the Executive Board of AASPN will vote for the selected venue.



If you might have any questions and inquiries on this call, please do not hesitate to contact the AASPN Central Offiice (info@aaspn.org, centraloffice@aaspn.org).



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